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Online Banking Services

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Online Banking

Online Banking

  • The quickest, most convenient way to Bank
  • Sign on anytime—from home, work or even when on the road
  • Check account balances
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • View and print bank statements
  • Make payments
  • Download transactions
  • Check interest rates
  • Enter stop payments
  • Manage your ATM/Debit Card
  • FREE

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Text Alerts

Text Alerts

Text alerts can be set up through your Online Banking account under the Options tab and Alerts.

Alerts can be set up for the following:

  • Balance - Set a balance dollar amount and when the account balance goes above or below the set amount, a text message will be sent to the mobile number on file.
  • Item - A text message will be sent to the mobile number on file when a certain check number clears the account.
  • Personal - Reminders can be set for birthdays, appointments etc.
  • Events - Select from a list of account events that may occur on your account.

Standard text messaging rates may apply.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay

  • Pay individuals or businesses within the United States online instead of writing checks
  • Send payments electronically if the payee accepts electronic payments, otherwise checks will be issued and sent to your payee
  • Pay bills now or schedule future or recurring payment
  • Online access to bill payment history
  • The service is FREE for individuals
  • Send Gift Checks, donations or Rush Payments, fees will apply
  • Receive bills electronically with eBill
  • Make person-to-person electronic payments




  • Statements and notices delivered electronically when generated, no waiting for the U.S. Mail
  • If you are moving, going to school, or traveling you have access to your statements or notices via the internet and you don’t have to  worry about forwarding the mail
  • No additional costs for receiving e-Docs
  • Security is our top priority, e-Docs helps reduce Identity Theft
  • Reduces paper clutter, easy storage methods
  • Available on your personal or business accounts
Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

  • Anywhere your cell phone or mobile device goes, your banking can too
  • Allows you to view balances transactions
  • Easily transfer funds between your accounts
  • Conveniently pay bills to existing payees using Bill Pay
  • View alerts setup through Online Banking
  • View images of checks
  • View account statements
  • Manage ATM/Debit Cards
  • Enroll accounts for Mobile Check Deposit

Download our FREE app from your device's App store. (your mobile carrier’s text messaging and web access charges may apply).  You must be an Online Banking customer to use Mobile Banking.

Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit is a secure and convenient way to deposit checks without having to go to the bank.  An image of your check is taken with your mobile device and submitted to the bank.  To learn more, click here.  You must be an Online Banking customer and have the latest version of our Ramsey Bank App to use this service.



  • Enables you to fully customize your online banking environment
  • Simply drag and drop widgets to create a dashboard-style view of online banking features such as funds transfers and electronic bill pay
  • Gives you the ability to place frequently used functions in a more accessible location will make your online banking experience more efficient and convenient
  • To use this feature, click on MyNetteller when logged on to your online account.
Online Security

Online Security 

At Ramsey National Bank, we take our obligation to protect our customers while transacting online seriously!

We recognize that online fraud has become increasingly sophisticated, and “single-factor authentication” (the use of a single password) may possibly be inadequate to fully protect your online financial transactions.  Ramsey National Bank utilizes premium multi-factor authentication.  In other words, online access to your account is achieved only after verifying or satisfying multiple conditions.  In addition to a user code; passwords, personal identification numbers (PINS), test questions, or other unique identifiers may be used.

Our goal is to ensure that the level of authentication used in a particular transaction is appropriate to the level of risk. Accordingly, we have concluded a comprehensive assessment of our current methods following strict federal regulatory guidelines and have implemented the appropriate authentication measures to keep your online transactions safe and secure.

Below are some safety and security measures to help protect your personal information when conducting online financial transactions.

  • We will never e-mail, call or otherwise ask for your name, password or other electronic banking credentials.
  • When signing on, verify that your personal identification (the watermark image) is correct before entering your PIN.
  • Click on Exit, Log Off or Log Out when you are done conducting business (do not just close the page or ‘X’ out of the system).
  • Keep your system and all computers current with the latest web browser and operating system software.
  • Do not use unprotected internet connections.
  • Have a multi-person approval process.
  • Keep your system and all computers up-to-date with the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software.
  • Use complex passwords, and periodically change them at least every 180 days.
  • Safeguard your username and password.
  • Watch for unexplained pop-ups, account, or network activity.  If detected contact the Bank at once to stop all online activity.
  • Do not open e-mails that look suspicious or are from an unknown source.
  • Perform a risk assessment and review control procedures on a periodic basis.
  • Password protect your mobile device.

Additional Online Security for Mobile Device Users:

Our mobile app and online banking are two of our convenient and user friendly services we offer to our customers.  However, when using these services, it is very important to keep abreast of security measures so you can be safe online.

Use the following tips from Ramsey National Bank while online:

  • Keep your mobile device up-to-date:  To defend against online threats, mobile devices regularly need their operating systems and applications patched.  By updating your devices, you will  protect yourself for online threats such as malware and viruses.
  • Wireless hotspots:  Only use a secure network when conducting your online banking transactions.  Wireless hotspots are unsecure and should be avoided for any type of banking transaction.
  • Web addresses:  Pay attention to the websites you are using.  Web addresses that begin with “https:” are secure.  Web addresses that begin with “http:” are not secure.  The Ramsey mobile app is a good way to conduct your online banking.  When making online purchases, make sure you are using a secure website.
  • Device security:  Secure your device by using a strong password or pin to lock your device.  Install anti-virus/anti-malware software.
  • Mobile app considerations: 
    • Using the approved “app store” for your device is always recommended when downloading an app to your device.  Research the app to determine what information it collects and can access.
    • GPS Location Data may be used to track your location and share with advertising networks.  You may be able to turn off location services in your Smartphone settings.
    • If there is not any contact email address or website available, the app may not be as credible as others.
  •  Please visit the website which is a national security awareness campaign led by the Department of Homeland Security, the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Anti-Phishing Working Group.  Security tips for using the Internet at home or from a mobile device are published on this site.

Additional Online Security for Cash Management Users:

Corporate account takeover fraud is a big concern in today’s electronic environment.  The fraud occurs when thieves hijack your computer systems and gain access to online banking credentials, passwords, and other confidential information.  Businesses are being targeted through phishing e-mails containing infected attachments or links to malicious sites.  When the user opens the e-mail or attachments, or clicks on the link, malware or keystroke capture programs are launched on your computer.  Criminals are then able to initiate fraudulent banking activity including ACH files.

      Some of the safeguards that Ramsey National Bank has in place include:

  • A user is locked out after three invalid attempts, and must contact the Bank for a password reset.
  • Business users have restricted access to accounts based on time of day.
  • Each user and business has dollar limits for ACH transactions.
  • Bank requires e-mail confirmation of dollar amounts of the ACH file being sent.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address restrictions are in place.  Only the IP address of your business will be allowed access to the online site.  If a user attempts to log in from an alternate site, access will be denied.

We appreciate your business and want to help you protect your online transactions from any possible fraud.  If you notice suspicious activity or experience security-related events you should contact the Computer Department of the Bank at (701) 662-4046 or 800-726-0124.